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Homeschool Halloween

This year, my family had the opportunity to do something we’ve wanted to do for a long time – educate at home.  No matter how excited or prepared you are, it is still a nerve wracking decision.  I worried “am I doing the best thing for my child, will she stay on par with her school attending peers, or worse fall behind, will she miss out on opportunities or experiences?”

I still don’t know the answer to all of these questions, but I do know that I find myself frequently amazed as we travel this homeschool journey.  My daughter has taken such initiative in her education, and her creativity has no limits.

Our focus of study for October was not surprisingly centered on Halloween.  We delved in by learning about similar celebrations from around the world, and incorporated some of their traditions into our own celebration, such as the carving of punkies.  This was a tradition of children in some England villages, they would carve beetroots, put a candle in them, and carry them while singing a song and asking for money.  My daughter had so much fun carving beetroots, and wanted to go asking for money.  Unfortunately, Mom wouldn’t let her solicit the neighbors for cash.

Not only did we learn many global traditions, we practiced our own customs with a Halloween party.  My daughter planned and implemented a Halloween party for her friends and their families.  She made a guest list and a healthy menu, designed and created activities and crafts, decorated, and even made her costume. 

The menu included items such as:

Witch’s Brew (pumpkin soup),

Troll’s Wart Salad (bean salad),

Goblin Toes (akin to pigs in a blanket),

Vampire Punch (a cranberry cider concoction),

Punished Jack O’ Lantern (pumpkin pie),

and Rotten Apples (apple, cinnamon cupcakes).

Her clever activities included:

 Monster Fortunes.  As guests came through the door, they were greeted by a crystal ball, and were given their Monster Fortune, all of which were created and handwritten by my daughter. 

Kiss the Pumpkin game similar to Pin the Tail on the Donkey, but she created lips to stick to a hanging Jack O’ Lantern. 

She made Halloween color by number sheets,

and for a craft, make your own monster mask.

I must say, the party was a big hit.  All of her friends, and their families had so much fun, and really appreciated all of her effort.  I was astounded with her originality, and planning.  Not bad for 3rd grade school work, and don’t worry we still covered Halloween math and reading.



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