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4 Steps to Beating Sugar Addiction vs. Cold Turkey

In my last entry Is Willpower the Problems, or Is It Something Else?  I identified sugar as a highly addictive substance, more addictive than cocaine.  That’s significant when you consider the effects on your mind and body.  So many people are identifying the symptoms of a sugar imbalance in themselves, known as Candida.  Candida can present in so many ways – brain fog, sluggish immune system, fungal infections, skin problems such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis, and learning disorders; just to name a few. 

This brings up the question – now that I know how bad it is, what do I do to eliminate it from my diet?  So many go for the all or nothing approach; banning anything that contains sugar from their diet including fruit.  This is an approach that tends to be recommended often, but it may not be the best approach for you.

Consider this, if you feed your body and brain a toxic substance every day for ten, twenty, or more years, your body may actually depend on it to function.  If a person that has consumed alcohol heavily over many years just stops drinking one day, they may experience seizures and other violent physical symptoms.  Yes, the alcohol is not good for them, and yes they should discontinue its use; however, suddenly stopping something your body has been receiving for many years can send it into shock.  The same is true for sugar.  Most people are addicted to sugar; it’s what most food companies have intended so you will buy their products.  After many years of enjoying store bought cereals, spaghetti sauces, and even many brands of peanut butter your body is used to a daily dose of sugar that has accumulated into that imbalance called Candida.   When you suddenly stop consuming sugar, the Candida monster inside your gut gets hungry and travels through your system looking for sources of sugar.  This can create a systemic condition, and you really start experiencing unpleasant side effects such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, depression, irritable bowel syndrome, and high cholesterol.

Every person’s body and background are different so their needs will vary, but some general ideas to assist you in cleansing your system and breaking the sugar habit are:

1.  Cleanse 

There are many good quality supplements that target Candida.  Usually, someone in your health food store can help you locate these.  As with any supplement, strive for food based so your body absorbs it more readily.

A good probiotic will help your gut flora in its quest for balance.

Another option is clay.  Many are finding that a glass of Bentonite Clay daily will help cleanse the body of candida and its die off toxins.  It is best paired with a good quality fiber supplement, and of course lots of water.

In addition, we put together a kit to cleanse the body from the inside out, and the outside in.  It’s the Kalusion Candida Kit, which contains a Sugar Buster Tea to balance the blood sugar, cleanse the liver, and quiet the cravings, Bentonite Clay, and Control body oil to absorb Candida healing moisture into your body.

2.  Ditch the liquid sugar

Begin eliminating sugar from your life with your drinks.  Soft drinks and juices contain enormous amounts of sugar that many just don’t think about as they sip back.  A 12 oz can of soda contains 39 grams of sugar.  Yikes!  I know the diet soda option may sound like a good alternative, but artificial sweeteners are actually even worse for you, so avoid starting a nastier habit when giving up sugar.  Instead opt for water, seltzer with natural flavors, unsweetened iced tea, or fruit infused water.

 3. No thank you to processed foods

With 80% of processed foods containing added sugar, it’s just a good idea to avoid them all together.  Opt for real foods such as the vegetables in the produce section, or the meats in the meat department.  Not to be confused with packaged lunch meats, hot dogs, and sausages.  If you are buying packaged foods; always read the ingredients.  Strive for foods that contain 5 ingredients or less, and make sure you know what they are, and that sugar is not one of them.  Also, just because the package says organic it does not mean sugar free.  Other foods to be wary of are lowfat, non-fat, and gluten-free.  They often have extra sugar added.

 4. Enjoy the process

Have fun creating new recipes, and enjoying new tastes.  You are creating a new lifestyle, and a new you.  As you reduce sugar from your diet, you can taste the natural sweetness in fruits, nuts, and sweet vegetables.  It’s like an awakening of the palate.  Enjoy these foods again for the first time.

As with all things worth achieving, this won’t happen overnight.  It’s a journey that will lead you to new places, until next thing you know you are feeling fantastic, and looking great.  That’s a worthwhile trip!

5 thoughts on “4 Steps to Beating Sugar Addiction vs. Cold Turkey

  1. Sugar is a big problem, and is still one for myself. I like sweetness. I’m always working towards total elimination, but some how it sneaks in on you especially when you eat out where there are so few choices. Caffeine was once an addiction to me, but sugar it’s a very hard habit to break for sure.

    1. I agree. I’ve definitely been on and off the sugar wagon more than once over the years. At least we get wiser as we travel our journey, and can recognize how far we’ve come.

  2. For me I felt better as soon as I was free of the ready meal/fast food ditch. I was actually really angry when I realised how many companies just bung loads of sugar in their recipes. You’d think you were avoiding it and doing really well but in reality still slowly feeding sugar into your system with an occasional ready meal, or those crafty sauce jars you grab when you’ve had a long day at work and can’t be bothered to cook. I don’t drink soda, and if I do it’s probably once a month if I go out, but I do notice if I’ve had a few cans of coke, a few days later I am SO cranky and I start needing coke, not craving it, needing! haha.

    I went gluten free for health reasons when I had a celiacs scare a few months ago and was horrified, most of the gluten free foods on offer in supermarkets had buckets full of sugar in an effort to bind the foods together and make them taste ‘as good’ as the non-gluten free items. Not just cookies etc, but simple things like breads and pasta!? Bonkers.

    Anyway sorry for the essay, I’ve just discovered your blog! Brilliant ! 🙂 x

    1. Thanks for the great post Strange Made Me. It seems that once you eliminate most of the sugar from your diet, you are so much more aware when it makes its way back in. I too get so frustrated with how much sugar is added to food by manufacturers. Sometimes, I really want to take a break, but just get so disgusted when I read the ingredients on everything. Luckily my daughter loves to cook, and has begun helping 🙂

      1. That’s fantastic! 🙂 I used to love helping my mum make dinner and bake 🙂

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