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Et tu, Burt’s Bees. Why I Decided to Join the Ava Anderson Team.

Not long ago one of my trusted products was on sale, my Burt’s Bees tinted lip balm.  I was happy to see it, and stocked right up.  However, shortly after the purchase I came down with a serious case of chapped, peeling lips, and had to stop using it.  Usually my BB helps, but I decided to take a break, and heal my lips with some salve.  Once they were better I resumed my BB to find that the problem started again.  Could it be, my lip balm was causing this reaction?  Had something in my chemistry changed?  Why was this happening?

After a couple of trials with the same results, I had discontinued using my lip balm when I happened to be discussing my experience with another health coach who is a provider of toxin-free products.  She let me know that Burt’s Bees had been bought by Clorox, and has since changed many of the product formulas.  I was so disappointed.

I have to admit that while I do always read ingredients on new products I want to try, I generally don’t re-read the labels of old favorites.  Clearly, I can no longer take these things for granted. My general experience has been that many of the products claiming non-toxic, organic, or natural status, always have some unpleasant, toxic additive, and yet they charge two and three times more than the others.  Out of frustration, I began making many of my own products, which I have been doing for quite some time now.   I have taken classes, and been trained on herbs and oils, and still have been through many trials and errors to find the formulas that work for my family and me, and am quite happy with them.  As a matter of fact, that is why we began offering many of our oils, salves, and more for sale, as others expressed interest in having an alternative as well, but didn’t want to spend the time making them or even going through the trial and error.

While I continue to have great success making my own products, there are a couple of things I have not been able to do for myself.  The first is shampoo.  I have been through some serious trials with shampoo, and no-poo that left my hair looking like poo-poo.  Not to mention, my poor daughter’s curls were demolished.  I finally waved the white flag, and realized that shampoo is something best left to someone else in my case.  The other product that I don’t even want to attempt is cosmetics.  For those two reasons alone, I began searching for an outside alternative, and hope I have found it.  I have begun using the Ava Anderson products as a supplement to my own.  So far, we are all really happy, and my daughter’s curls have bounced back.  With our success, I decided to become a consultant so that these healthy products are available to anyone else that may be struggling with finding clean, toxin-free products for themselves and their families.  I still offer my own products, and am always coming up with more every day.  In addition, I am available to train others to make products for their own families.  However, I am well aware that not everyone is big on the DIY thing, or just doesn’t have time for it.  So, this is for you.

Check out my Ava Anderson website here.  You can order directly online, or you can host an informative presentation for an opportunity to get some freebies.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions.  I hope you enjoy trying out this line as much as I have, and I commend you for taking care of your health!


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