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Hump Day Harmony – Freedom

I started the week honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, and posted this message:

“Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. has always inspired me. In his greatest adversity, he consistently responded with peace and with love; and let’s face it, his adversity was way bigger than being cut off in traffic. Dr. King was so clearly connected to his Higher Source, and faithfully committed himself to live his purpose every single day. What if we all lived a little like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr? One action of faith and love, one day at a time is all it would take. Today I will be grateful for his service, for his kindness, and for his love of all humanity, and how it impacted our culture and country forever. Thank you Dr. Martin Luther King Jr!”

For so many, you were born with a purpose, and in the beginning you were ready to conquer the world, but as time went by you began to hold back, second guess yourself, and became unwilling to take risks. It could be from messages you have received, or experiences you have been through, but essentially it all comes back to fear. You let fear become your prison.

Once fear takes over, you stop living your true potential, and your true purpose. You feel like something is missing, and can feel it tugging at you, but you’re not sure what it is. It’s your purpose calling out to you; it hasn’t given up on you yet.

Fortunately, it’s very easy to overcome fear, and to regain your freedom. You don’t even have to conquer it to be free. It’s a very small shift in your mindset that will open up your life, and allow you to honor your purpose despite the presence of fear. The shift you make is to faith.

Faith that you are always working with a safety net

Faith that you are loved

Faith that you are successful

Faith that you deserve good things

Faith that you are good enough

Faith that you know enough

Faith that that you are connected with a higher source, the source of your gifts, the source of everything, and that that source wants you to succeed in fulfilling your purpose, and will constantly rearrange everything for your best interest



If you’d like support to shift from fear to faith, and start reaching for the stars, I would be honored to help you. Learn about The Have It All Method at or fill out the form below.

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