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From the Heart

Happy February!

As our thoughts shift to love, it’s a great time to open up your heart chakra. This means unconditional love for you and your community.

As the heart chakra’s element is air, this is a perfect time to practice breathing. I know breathing is pretty automatic, but full belly breathing may require some practice. On your inhale breathe all the way to your belly letting it fill up with air, and on your exhale push the air from your belly letting it sink down again. This is a great way to take tension out of your shoulders, and reduce feelings of stress. While you are taking a moment for yourself, extend your arms out to your sides. Notice how they extend from your heart. Your arms and hands are extensions of your heart, so use them to wrap around yourself and give you a big hug, then go share one of those hugs with someone you love. Do it right now, I just did 🙂

The color associated with the heart chakra is green, and since you are what you eat, it’s time to eat your greens.

I hope you enjoy a day bursting with love this Valentine’s Day and every day!

Before I sign off, I want to let you know that The Have It All Method is starting a new group session on February 13. It is a 9 week group program that uses the energy centers to help you dig deep and find your authentic goals. I’ve learned it’s important to dig deep since many times the goal you think you want is just the surface, and when you go deeper and find your true desire it also fires your motivation and passion. This makes an enormous difference in your success.

This program is perfect for overwhelmed women feeling buried under their “To Do” lists. It’s a chance to connect with other high achieving women to RESET * REJUVENATE * and RECEIVE so you can make the shift from doing it all to HAVING IT ALL!

I would love for you to join me in the group. There is more information available on the website as well as a free webinar. Also, feel free to schedule a time to talk one on one with me to learn more and see if it’s the right fit for you. You can schedule here.

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