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Accomplish More with the Amazing Power of Sleep

Most of us don’t get as much as we should because we’re so busy. Yet a lack of it causes us to accomplish less, and we end up needing even more time to get things done. I’m talking about sleep, ladies!

Sleep is one of those things where quantity and quality are important. Getting enough sleep is just as important the quality of the sleep you are getting by taking advantage of the fire hours. Watch the video to find out more, and why I’m actually pretty good about getting enough sleep – it’s not because I’m a highly disciplined person, lol.



Here are my hints to get your best sleep

  • Make your bedroom a cozy sanctuary that tempts you to it every night
  • Get ready for bed, and get yourself in it by 10pm. If your current bedtime is much later, move up your time by 15 -20 minute increments over time.
  • Avoid screens before bed – phone, computer, even TV


What will you do this week to get better sleep? Share in the comments!


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