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Make a special date with you to reinvigorate joy

We all have things we want in our lives. Whether you call them dreams, passions, or goals, they are what motivate you to drag through the mundane and conquer the busy. Yet when the mundane and busy threaten to take over, it’s essential to dedicate time to check in with yourself.


Watch the video to learn more and hear my recent reflection.

Here are some things to ask yourself – Where are you in your pursuit of your dreams? Or maybe even, what are your dreams? Have your goals changed since you last checked in? Has your life shifted, and you need to accommodate these changes?


For me personally, I have quite a few things I do for personal fulfillment, but sometimes it can get really busy and start to take over. I am also a homeschooling mom, and have a goal for regular time out with the kids for all of us to recharge. My goal had not changed, but some of my other commitments did, and I had to check back in for a revamp of my calendar since it’s very purpose is to keep me present, and it seemed like I was fighting it and feeling very un-present. When I shifted my schedule to embrace the new natural flow of our lives, all of a sudden everything seemed to fall in place, and I was feeling like I was achieving my goals again.


It’s your turn.


First, schedule some quiet time – maybe first thing in the morning or last thing at night. It doesn’t matter when, as long as it realistically works for you.


Reflect – ask yourself the questions above. Be honest and non-judgemental with yourself. This isn’t about putting yourself down. It’s about identifying where you are and what your next steps are towards your dreams.


Create action steps – what are the steps you will take towards your goals? Break them down in realistic pieces. If step 1 is going to take 3 hours, and you never have 3 hours to give, then that should be broken down into smaller chunks, so you will actually get started.


Schedule it – I may start to sound like a broken record on this one, but maybe you will begin to believe me 😉 If you want something to happen in your life, you must dedicate time to it, and if you aren’t specific about when that time is, it will keep getting pushed back.


Get accountability – it can be easy to let things go when there is no one to report your progress to. Find an accountability partner or get a coach that resonates with you, but will also push you.


A great way to give yourself accountability is to share with a comment. Tell us where you are, and what your next step is?


If you’d like support to achieve the imperfectly amazing life you crave, let’s set up a free call to discuss your dreams/ passions/ goals and map out a plan. There’s no pressure to sign up for a program, and you will likely receive some great resources.


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