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The First Piece Of The Equation To Have The Imperfectly Amazing Life You Crave

Sometimes life takes over, and you find yourself on auto-pilot. You’re not really enjoying anything, you’re just trying to manage the busy. When you find yourself in that situation, take a step back and remember the formula: gratitude + time for you = imperfectly amazing

In this video, I discuss my recent example of using gratitude to save the day, and why it’s such an important practice that can powerfully change your mindset, and bring joy to your life.


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Points to remember for your practice

  • Like draws like – When you focus your attention on the things you don’t like, you draw more of it. When you shift your energy to what is good, even when the sky is falling all around you, you will bring more of the good.
  • Practice makes perfect – The more you do this, the more instinctual it becomes, which means you draw more and more of the good stuff.
  • Don’t beat yourself up – When you catch yourself having a Debbie Downer moment. Don’t berate yourself, just change the thoughts. Tell yourself, that’s how the old me would think about this situation, but the new me is grateful for …
  • Grow huge gratitude muscles – At the beginning of your day, or at the end, or both, take a few minutes to find 1 – 3 things to be grateful for. Find things that apply to your recent day, so that you are constantly practicing how to find the diamond in the rough rather than choosing the same things repeatedly (like your kids or wine), because energy won’t fall for that.

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