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The 2nd Part of the Equation to Have the Imperfectly Amazing Life You Crave

There’s more to taking time for you than letting Calgon take you away. This is a threefold process for connecting with yourself to complete the equation to an imperfectly amazing life!

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The Time for You Process

  • Schedule breaks/ time for yourself – I set up time every morning to meditate, move, review my goals, and get grounded before my little maniac wakes up. When I have that time, I can feel it all day. Likewise, when I miss it, I can really feel it. Find time that makes sense for you and your schedule – don’t force it. If you need help setting up your ideal schedule reach out to me.
  • Go on a date with yourself – It’s great to review your goals and mantras, but after awhile they may become stale or out of date. Taking time to check in with yourself to reflect on how far you’ve come, and where you’d like to go is essential to feeling like you’re accomplishing something, and not just operating on auto-pilot managing the busy all of the time. This is how you continue to feel inspired and motivated, and enjoying your journey because you know you’re in the driver’s seat
  • Connect with your subconscious beliefs – if you find there are obstacles all around you, there’s a very good chance that your inner beliefs are getting in the way. My method for tapping in to my subconscious is movement followed by meditation followed by journaling. Doing this in a strategic way has been so mind blowing effective to reveal my sabotaging beliefs, and use them to fuel my goals rather than stump them.

So there it is.

What is one thing you will do to make time for you this week?

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