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Have you set your goals or are you beating yourself up?

It’s the final week of the month! Can you believe it?

I’ve sent out videos with the 6 different steps to create goals that matter, and how to ground them into reality, so you will be inspired to take action.

Here is a playlist with all of the videos, in case you’ve lost track – Watch the videos

You are the CEO, CFO, HR rep, and Office Manager of your family (did I leave any out?) Any business that wants to be successful needs a clear vision, so everyone is working towards the same goal. The same is true of your family. If everyone is pulling the rope in a different direction, it won’t be long before YOU’RE feeling pulled in every direction. This is a great resource for setting vision for you and your family, so you can love your life rather than spend it managing busy.

Do you feel like your family is united and moving towards a common goal? 

Where are you in the process of creating your goals?

Maybe you haven’t even watched the videos yet. That’s ok. The first step is stop beating yourself up. After that, identify time that is realistic for you to work on it, one piece at a time.

Sometimes we work at a pace that’s slower than we’d like, but it doesn’t mean we stop. Stopping means we never realize our dreams, but slowly chipping away at your goals means you are in a constant state of achieving your dreams.

What time have you allocated for working on this?

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