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Hey Honey, How you doin’?

The other day I looked out, and thought it was foggy. As I ventured out, I realized the haze that I saw was yellow. It was actually a pollen fog! Pollen is never really shy here in North Carolina, but it seems to be outdoing itself this year. It actually looks like a dusting of snow on everything, except it’s yellow, but not in the “don’t eat the yellow snow” sort of way.

I was suddenly very grateful for the cold I had earlier this winter. I know that sounds weird, but as I was recovering from my cold, every morning I drank lemon/ ginger water with honey and cayenne added. Usually as I feel better, I go back to regular water in the mornings, but for some reason this time I intuitively just kept drinking it day after day. Now I realize, how smart my intuition is.

If you don’t already know, local, raw honey is a great way to reduce allergy symptoms. The thought is that when you eat local honey that hasn’t been processed, you slowly expose yourself to environmental pollen, and create a desensitization, which over time means less symptoms.

Honey gets high accolades for it’s allergy relief, but did you know all of the other amazing benefits of honey?

First of all, honey is considered nature’s antibiotic. It has antibacterial properties that were first known to be taken advantage of by the ancient Egyptians. You can take it by mouth for internal infections, and you can apply it directly to a wound for treatment. You can use it for preventative wound care, for burns, pressure ulcers, and infected wounds.

Honey is unbeatable for a cold. It is soothing and healing to a sore throat. Try adding a little cayenne to it for extra power. It also reduces coughing. If you look at cough relief products in your natural health stores, most of them are honey based, so may as well go directly to the source.

Honey is incredible for the skin. Honey is moisturizing and a gentle exfoliant. Exfolitating your skin with harsh products can actually leave small scars on your skin, but honey hits the right balance of exfoliating enough to reveal your glow, and moisturize while it’s at it. Honey’s antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties make it a fantastic treatment for acne. You can put it on your face and leave it on for awhile like a mask, or just wash with it. My preference is a honey mask.

It’s a far better alternative to sugar, and actually contains nutrients. That means that it’s not just empty calories. It should be noted that heating honey will kill the beneficial properties, so I don’t cook with it. It’s also the reason that you want unprocessed (or raw) honey.

Honey is always a staple in our house, and lately it’s been a major player, so I thought I’d share my gratitude for honey with you 🙂

The usual disclaimer stuff:
The information given here is not medical advice, and should not replace recommendations you have received from medical professionals.

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