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Soothe Your Nerves One Cup at a Time

I have often heard herbalists claim that everyone in modern society should take oat straw. Pretty steep claim, but I have been finding myself recommending it repeatedly lately. So, I thought in an ongoing effort to simplify health & harmony, it would be a great idea to break it down.

Oat straw is classified as an herb. It is the young version of the oat plant, so is harvested before the oat actually develops. It’s considered a nerve tonic, which means that it soothes the nervous system, and calms anxiety. The reason for the broad recommendation is that the pace of our modern society tends to tax the sympathetic nervous system, or the fight or flight response. This long term fight or flight mode creates ongoing stress in the body and mind, which over time leads to health problems such as autoimmune issues, depression, and/ or anxiety. This beautiful herb soothes those frazzled nerves to restore health and harmony.

Milky oats, as it’s also called, has nutritional benefits as well. High in B vitamins, oat straw helps increase energy and metabolism. It also provides vitamins A and C, calcium, magnesium, iron, and amino acids – the building blocks of protein, which are some of the essentials for women.

These are some of the reasons I find myself agreeing with the recommendations to add oat straw to your bag of tricks for health & harmony, and why I have included it as part of the Happy Mama and 101 Sheep blends

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