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When functional is where the pain is

What does depression look like to you?

300 million people around the world struggle with depression, and 3.5 million Americans experience functional depression.

Functional depression is not debilitating. You carry on with your everyday life, but it may feel like you’re under a cloud. You can see the opportunities for joy, but not feel them.

When I was in my early 20’s, I lost 2 cousins within a year of each other. It was so hard for me, and I ended up with functional depression for awhile. I remember how heavy my feet felt. Whenever I walked, even across a room, they were weighted. The people that surrounded me didn’t get it, so they just got mad at me for not getting over it.

Then one day, walking the same path that I always walked, my feet weren’t so heavy anymore! They got lighter and lighter each day until I felt like me again.

Simple food and lifestyle tweaks can help enormously with mental health symptoms. I’ve seen it in myself, and I’ve had the honor to help others.

You absolutely deserve to love your life! If you are struggling, please feel free to reach out to me, or anyone that will support you.

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