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The world is a scary place right now

I headed to the post office today to mail out the teas to all of the BouTEAque Club members.

I’ve really been doing my part when it comes to staying home, mainly because I like it 🙂 Truly the only thing that has changed for me is that I no longer have to drive to meetings or classes, yet I can’t believe how much less run ragged I feel.

However, every couple of weeks a need comes up to leave my little cocoon for something such as getting groceries, or in today’s case, a trip to the post office with all of my accumulated outgoing packages.

Each time I go out, I’m more surprised at what I see. Each time, it looks more like the movie Outbreak – everyone in masks and gloves, lines on the floor, and construction plastic hung between the public and the employees. 

Even if you’re doing your best to live in a place of faith rather than fear, it can feel overwhelming to go into that environment. That’s when it’s a great time to remember to control what’s within your control.

What can you control?

Washing your hands
Cleaning up your home
Building your immunity by eating well and getting good sleep

You can control you and your thoughts, which no one else can do!

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