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4 Steps for the Best Day and Life – Part III

Now that you’ve woken up like a cat in Part I and pulled all the bad bacteria from your mouth and digestive system with coconut oil in Part II, we move on to the third step to starting our day in the best possible way.

Step 3. Lemon water
I often hear people talking about doing a cleanse. There are so many out there, but the most basic and effective cleanse is a glass of lemon water. The water can be warm or room 053_3000x2561_all-free-download.com_7935271temperature (just not cold), and squeeze the juice of half a lemon in it. Drink it about 15 – 30 minutes before eating breakfast for best results.

Drinking a glass of lemon water every morning will help to cleanse and detox your system, boost your immunity, clear up skin problems, fight wrinkles (woo hoo), help with weight loss, and so much more. Plus it’s tasty.

Norpro Stainless-Steel Citrus Juice Press

Stay tuned for Step 4.

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4 Steps for the Best Day, and Life – Part II

We’ve already begun our day like a cat in Part I. Now we move on to the next step for giving ourselves the best possible start to the day,

Step 2. Oil pulling
Let’s face it; your mouth may not be delightful first thing in the morning. After snoring away the night, bacteria can gather in the mouth. An ancient Ayurvedic practice gaining a lot of popularity, oil pulling, is a great way to rid your mouth of that nasty bacterium without harming the beneficial stuff.Image

Using 1 Tbsp of unrefined coconut oil, swoosh around for about 20 minutes, spit into a garbage can, and rinse with warm water. There are two big DON’TS: 1. don’t swallow the oil. It has just pulled all of the undesirable bacteria out; don’t send it down the digestive tract, and 2. Don’t spit the oil in the sink; unless you want to deal with clogged pipes in the near future.

This practice is hailed for improving oral health, sinuses, allergies, skin, and even autoimmune disorders to name a few. Many have written about the improvements they’ve experienced, and there are books available to learn more. I can personally say I’ve noticed that it removes sinus drainage, helps with recessed gums, skin issues, and gives you way whiter teeth, baby.

Oil Pulling Therapy: Detoxifying and Healing the Body Through Oral Cleansing

Stay tuned for Step 3 and Step 4.

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4 Steps for the Best Day, and Life – Part I

Sleepy tigerYour eyes open, and your surroundings come into focus. Once again you are presented with a fresh start, a brand new day, a new opportunity for extraordinary potential. What will you do with this gift laid before you? Grumble and crawl out of bed straight to the coffee maker, or will today be different?

Here are some simple steps to get you on track as you prepare to conquer the world each morning.

1. Wake up like a cat
Have you ever watched a cat wake up from a nap? One eye pops open, then another. They stretch one limb, followed by another, and another until they are on their feet stretching the length of their spine from the top of their head to the tip of their tail. It’s so indulgent, and enjoyable to even watch. So even if you’re a dog person, you can take a tip from the cats.

Start your day while you’re still in bed by gently rolling all of your body joints, sensing how every movement feels. Appreciate your rested body, as you stretch your limbs. Wiggle your fingers and toes as you begin to roll out of bed. Use this opportunity to check in with your body, and create a mind-body connection.

Some mornings may only allow for this brief connection. Other mornings may spur into a yoga or body rolling session. Enjoy these moments, and where they take you.

OPTP Pro Foam Rollers - Full Round 36" x 6" Green Marble # PFR36

Stay tuned Step 2, Step 3, and Step 4

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Kalusion Coaching Packages

30 Day Power Package

It takes 30 days to create a habit, and we’ll start some great ones.  In this package you will receive:

  • An initial Clarity Huddle to clarify your goals and  identify what’s standing between you and success
  • Weekly phone coaching sessions to inspire you and keep you on track
  • Judgment free support and accountability, and individualized education for your health and lifestyle goals
  • Access to supportive articles and recipes
  • A free gift such as the Sugar Buster Tea

90 Day Breakthrough Package

 Setbacks happen, but we’ll get past them stronger than ever in this package designed to get past the stage where most fall off track.  In this package you’ll receive:

  • Everything in the 30 Day Power Package


  • Weekly phone coaching session for 6 weeks, changing to every other week for the rest of the program to give you confidence in implementing your lifestyle changes
  • Weekly email check-ins for support
  • More free gifts such as a personalized oil blend to help you look and feel amazing

6 Month Platinum Life Changer Package

Visualize how you want to live your life.  Now let’s get to it!  YOU absolutely deserve to look and feel fantastic, and live the life you want. It can happen.  In this package you receive:

  • Everything in the 90 Day Breakthrough Package


  • Time to get to the root of your long term health and lifestyle goals, and truly change your life
  • Free grocery or health food store tour or  virtual cupboard clean-up
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4 Steps to Beating Sugar Addiction vs. Cold Turkey

In my last entry Is Willpower the Problems, or Is It Something Else?  I identified sugar as a highly addictive substance, more addictive than cocaine.  That’s significant when you consider the effects on your mind and body.  So many people are identifying the symptoms of a sugar imbalance in themselves, known as Candida.  Candida can present in so many ways – brain fog, sluggish immune system, fungal infections, skin problems such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis, and learning disorders; just to name a few. 

This brings up the question – now that I know how bad it is, what do I do to eliminate it from my diet?  So many go for the all or nothing approach; banning anything that contains sugar from their diet including fruit.  This is an approach that tends to be recommended often, but it may not be the best approach for you.

Consider this, if you feed your body and brain a toxic substance every day for ten, twenty, or more years, your body may actually depend on it to function.  If a person that has consumed alcohol heavily over many years just stops drinking one day, they may experience seizures and other violent physical symptoms.  Yes, the alcohol is not good for them, and yes they should discontinue its use; however, suddenly stopping something your body has been receiving for many years can send it into shock.  The same is true for sugar.  Most people are addicted to sugar; it’s what most food companies have intended so you will buy their products.  After many years of enjoying store bought cereals, spaghetti sauces, and even many brands of peanut butter your body is used to a daily dose of sugar that has accumulated into that imbalance called Candida.   When you suddenly stop consuming sugar, the Candida monster inside your gut gets hungry and travels through your system looking for sources of sugar.  This can create a systemic condition, and you really start experiencing unpleasant side effects such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, depression, irritable bowel syndrome, and high cholesterol.

Every person’s body and background are different so their needs will vary, but some general ideas to assist you in cleansing your system and breaking the sugar habit are:

1.  Cleanse 

There are many good quality supplements that target Candida.  Usually, someone in your health food store can help you locate these.  As with any supplement, strive for food based so your body absorbs it more readily.

A good probiotic will help your gut flora in its quest for balance.

Another option is clay.  Many are finding that a glass of Bentonite Clay daily will help cleanse the body of candida and its die off toxins.  It is best paired with a good quality fiber supplement, and of course lots of water.

In addition, we put together a kit to cleanse the body from the inside out, and the outside in.  It’s the Kalusion Candida Kit, which contains a Sugar Buster Tea to balance the blood sugar, cleanse the liver, and quiet the cravings, Bentonite Clay, and Control body oil to absorb Candida healing moisture into your body.

2.  Ditch the liquid sugar

Begin eliminating sugar from your life with your drinks.  Soft drinks and juices contain enormous amounts of sugar that many just don’t think about as they sip back.  A 12 oz can of soda contains 39 grams of sugar.  Yikes!  I know the diet soda option may sound like a good alternative, but artificial sweeteners are actually even worse for you, so avoid starting a nastier habit when giving up sugar.  Instead opt for water, seltzer with natural flavors, unsweetened iced tea, or fruit infused water.

 3. No thank you to processed foods

With 80% of processed foods containing added sugar, it’s just a good idea to avoid them all together.  Opt for real foods such as the vegetables in the produce section, or the meats in the meat department.  Not to be confused with packaged lunch meats, hot dogs, and sausages.  If you are buying packaged foods; always read the ingredients.  Strive for foods that contain 5 ingredients or less, and make sure you know what they are, and that sugar is not one of them.  Also, just because the package says organic it does not mean sugar free.  Other foods to be wary of are lowfat, non-fat, and gluten-free.  They often have extra sugar added.

 4. Enjoy the process

Have fun creating new recipes, and enjoying new tastes.  You are creating a new lifestyle, and a new you.  As you reduce sugar from your diet, you can taste the natural sweetness in fruits, nuts, and sweet vegetables.  It’s like an awakening of the palate.  Enjoy these foods again for the first time.

As with all things worth achieving, this won’t happen overnight.  It’s a journey that will lead you to new places, until next thing you know you are feeling fantastic, and looking great.  That’s a worthwhile trip!

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Is Willpower the Problem, or Is It Something Else?

Have you ever been in a scenario like this?

You set a goal to lose 20 lb (numbers may vary).  You are armed with the perfect diet this time.  Your mom’s friend’s aunt lost 150 lb on this diet of eating blueberry and kale smoothies all day and a sensible meal for dinner (diets may vary – the blueberry kale smoothie diet is not an actual diet).  You can’t go wrong this time, but somewhere along the way you fall off track, you feel ashamed and self-defeated.  Then you give up.

This is pretty common, but there’s something you should know.  Many people have a hard time giving up their favorite junk foods because the foods have been developed to trigger pleasure points in the brain.  Guess what else triggers pleasure points in the brain?  Caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, drugs.  Yes, addictive substances.  Guess what is added to these foods to trigger pleasure points?  Sugar!

Sugar is added to 80% of pre-packaged foods, and sugar is 8 times more addictive than cocaine.  So when that monster inside your head is screaming I need that doughnut at 4pm, it really thinks it does.  Breaking an addiction is extremely tough.  That’s why there is no shame in seeking outside support and accountability with a reputably trained health coach, or a dependable friend or family member to ensure your success.

I think everyone should be successful in achieving their health goals because something more devastating happens in the scenario in the beginning than a person not losing weight.  The real tragedy occurs when a person gives up on themselves.  They lose confidence, and don’t go after the things they really want in life feeling they don’t deserve it.  That should never happen because you deserve health and happiness unconditionally!

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Give Yourself the Gift of Love On Valentine’s Day and All Year Through

I hope you had a wonderful Valentine weekend filled with love. One of the simplest, but often most overlooked ways to receive an abundance of love in your life is to start by loving yourself. You teach others how to treat you by the way you treat yourself. If you condemn yourself with negative self talk, and don’t take any time to nourish yourself physically, emotionally, or spiritually than the people around you will follow your lead. Show everyone how to show you kindness and love. It is not a selfish act to take care of yourself. It is quite the opposite. When you fill yourself with positive loving energy it exudes from you onto others, and is quite contagious. That’s a contagion that no one minds catching. Start right now! Look at yourself directly in the mirror, and say one kind thing to yourself, and then tell yourself I Love You!

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Yummy Chai Latte

This is a warm, yummy drink I have become hooked on lately.  It’s inspired by a recipe I saw on Steven and Chris by Meghan Telpner, author of UnDiet.

I put a cup of brewed Sugar Buster Tea in a bullet or blender, add to it some or all of the following:

flax seeds

bee pollen

cocoa powder


honey or stevia (or leave unsweetened)

almond milk

Blend it all up into a nice foamy, hot comforting drink.  I drink it in place of coffee, and can’t get enough.  Not to mention, using the Sugar Buster Tea helps me calm my sweet cravings.  It doesn’t get any better!  Try it, you’ll be hooked too


Want your own Sugar Buster Tea?  Get it here.

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A New Year and a New You!

Here we are encroaching on a brand new year.  New Year’s Eve celebrations are a significant part of holiday celebrating with some people more excited about the stroke of midnight on January 1st than their previous holiday’s rituals.  On New Year’s Eve you can actually feel the buzz of excited energy.  It’s all around you, even when you turn on the TV.  Look at all those people huddled up in Time Square, packed in like sardines.  To me it looks absolutely torturous, yet no one looks as if they’re suffering, they actually look elated.  Of course, they may have some liquid cheer to help a little, but the overall excitement is internal.   So why all the fuss, about a holiday, that merely celebrates starting a new calendar?

I notice the excitement comes not from the holiday itself, but what it represents, the NEW – a fresh start, the unlimited possibilities of what you can accomplish and have in your life, the breaking of bad habits, the total transformation of you as a person, and the opportunity for attaining your wildest dreams.  On the night of December 31st we wipe our slate clean, and begin fresh on January 1st.  Beginnings are extremely powerful and empowering; you can re-set the course of your life.

So what happened when you get back to December 31st, and your life hasn’t changed in the way you envisioned last New Year’s Eve? Many blow it off to unresolved resolutions, being too busy, not having the right opportunities, or just that they made unrealistic goals.  We often place the blame for our lackluster goal achievement on outside circumstances, but the reality is WE are the reason we didn’t achieve our goals.

It sounds a bit harsh, but imagine that there are no goals too big for you, that you truly can achieve the things you want in this life.  All you have to do is change your thinking.  We are all completely capable of having it all, but then those thoughts creep in – the thoughts of fear, doubt, and just not deserving to have it all.  What makes you so special that you get to have the life of your dreams?  YOU, that’s what makes you so special.  So what can you do this year to start achieving your dreams?

1. Stifle those negative, doubting internal thoughts that like to creep into our minds.

Quieting those negative thoughts can be challenging, but start by replacing every negative thought with a positive one.  It may feel forced and artificial at first, but after a while you will begin to believe the nice things you are saying about yourself.

2. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Sorry, but making changes in your life do require a bit of work, and the toughest part of this work is getting out of your comfort zone.  I know we work so hard to get in that zone, but finding ways to get out of that zone even with little acts on a daily basis will open you up to experiencing new opportunities and achievements.

3. Be grateful

Practicing gratitude is so powerful in so many ways, but especially when you are achieving new goals in your life.  It’s so easy to see what you haven’t accomplished, and forget how far you have come.  Use daily gratitude to reflect on all of the amazing things you have done.

4.You are not alone

Find someone to hold you accountable.  It’s not as easy to blow things off when someone is checking on you.  Some people enjoy working with family and friends, but others prefer to work with an impartial person, in that case consider a health coach.  Health Coaches are a viable part of health and lifestyle care, with professionals such as Andrew Weil, MD praising the benefits of working with them.  They work with you individually or in groups to help you find clarity in your life and goals, nurture you towards the goals you set, and hold you accountable in achieving them.

So this year, as we approach the New Year, we have some tools in hand.  I wish you the best in achieving the life of your dreams, because you absolutely deserve it.

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Kalusion Joyful Holiday

The holidays are a time of Joy, but let’s face it they can also be a time of stress.  We often have more rushing around to do, we may get less sleep, and sometimes we find ourselves in company that let’s just say maybe we don’t want to be with.

Joyful Holiday is an aromatic blend to keep you peaceful and calm, yet uplifted and joyful, so you can truly enjoy your holiday, and the days surrounding it.  It’s also a great gift, as it comes in it’s own little gift bag.

This gift set includes 2 oz. of each Joyful Holiday Bath Gel, Bath Oil, and Dead Sea Bath Salt.

Enjoy this special set for a limited time. Just like Santa, shortly after the holidays it will be gone. Find it on Etsy!