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Hump Day Harmony: Is a Dancing Granny In Your Future?


When I think ahead to the distant future me, one of the things I know for sure is that I don’t want my day to day to include massive medication management. This really has been the path presented to us and accepted by us as a society for as long as I have been around to witness it. We eat whatever and work forever neglecting even our most basic needs until we are so run down and depleted that a major physical or mental health problem presents itself. That health problem is your body screaming at you to wake up, and take care of you, because that is your job, and your job alone. So now, that your body’s motor is sputtering instead of purring, you are bestowed this medicine to help the problem, but that presents another problem with a new medication, and the cycle begins.

I grew up on a standard American diet. I believe most people of my generation did. Our parents had access to more convenient ways to deliver meals than their parents, and no one realized that eating prepared foods could present any sort of problem.

It sort of reminds me of how once upon a time, you were the bees knees when you lit up a cig. Every glamorous movie star for sure had a cigarette, but then the news came – uh oh, this is terrible for you. Did everyone throw those things down immediately, and begin a cleansing protocol? NOOOOOOO!!! Why not, well, first of all cigarettes are terribly addictive; there was a social aspect involved in smoking; and it was a habit for people.

I see the same reasons for the resistance in giving up foods that we now know are terrible for us. Firstly, they’re terribly addictive. Processed sugar and it’s aliases such as high fructose corn syrup are 80% more addictive than cocaine. You didn’t even know you were riding the white horse. Next there’s the social aspect. You may not notice this until you start shifting your lifestyle and eating habits, but it is far more difficult to be a healthy eater at a social event than it is to be on a standard American diet. Lastly, it’s a habit. When you’re hungry you automatically reach for the bag of chips, or when you’re feeling down you want some comfort food.

However, I’m not the only one out there that doesn’t want a future of tracking pills to ward off death. There is a wave of people that are discovering that they can not only prevent or heal their bodies from some of the damage of neglect, but they can also feel vibrant and amazing.

So if you’re into the whole vibrant and amazing thing (and who isn’t?), how do you stare down those big 3 obstacles?

  1. Break the addiction.

Replace processed white sugar with natural sweeteners such as fruit, honey, syrup, and molasses. It will take some time for your taste buds to adjust to the subtler sweetness of natural sweeteners, but once it does, you won’t know how you were able to tolerate the white stuff at all.

You may also want to cut back on your overall sugar intake as well. This can be difficult even with natural sweeteners, but not as daunting as cutting back from processed sugar. This is definitely one of those easier said than done chores, but worth the work once it’s done. In supporting this goal, add in more sweetness in other forms to your daily meals, such as carmelized onions, carrots, parsnips, and sweet potatoes. Sweet vegetables will help create balance so you won’t crave more sweets. You can also try herbs to balance the blood sugar, which also reduces cravings. Sugar Buster Tea is an herbal blend that does just that magnificently.

  1. Appeal to your social sense

Back to the cigarette thing for a moment – have you ever known a former smoker that can’t even stand to be around smoke anymore, and then drives every smoker they know absolutely crazy? The good news with food changes is you don’t have to be submersed in someone else’s food, so it’s a lot easier to not be “that guy”. You will find yourself running out of event invitations if you’re constantly “educating” others on how horrible their food is. Trust the health coach when she tells you, people don’t want to be educated unless they directly ask you about it.

If you’re going to be at an event where you don’t think you’ll be able to order better food options, then plan to bring your own food. If it’s a once in awhile event, then go for the best option you can. Striving for 100% perfection in your health choices can be unrealistic and stressful. If you are good 80% of the time, you are doing fantastic, and less likely to feel deprived and give up all together.

  1. Changing habits

Habits can be tough to break, but perhaps they can be tweaked. Instead of reaching for a bag of hygrogenated oil fried potato chips, try making some kale chips. I’m telling you they really are delicious. If you’re craving comfort food, make some, but try tweaking some of the ingredients such as replacing white potatoes with sweet potatoes or replace processed white bread with sprouted grain bread. Remember your taste buds will tweak over time too. Most people around the world actually think the taste of white bread is blah rather than the other way around.

As you adopt healthier choices, use the motto some is better than none vs. all or nothing. Small shift will keep you moving towards your goal. You don’t go to the gym, and try to lift 300 lbs on your first day (I hope).

I am cheering you on, and look forward to seeing you on the dance floor when we’re in our 80’s.

Get It Girl!

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Monday Makeover: French Toast Casserole

Adopting a healthy lifestyle does not mean saying good-bye to the things you love forever. It’s a continuous shift; a shift away from the things that are not serving you, and towards that which allows you to shine.


Today’s Monday Makeover is actually a health, time and wallet makeover.  My family is one that still eats grains, albeit healthy grains, and in moderation at that. I realize that many people are completely off grains now, but in the great wisdom of different bodies require different fuels, we have realized that we thrive with some good quality grains in our diet.

Going off grains/ gluten or dairy completely is considered an elimination diet, which is a technique that you use to isolate the source of an allergy or food intolerance. Generally once you have identified the problem, you can avoid it while healing your health issue. Once you have improved your health issue and strengthened your immunity again, many times you can begin reintroducing that food in a carefully, regulated plan.

The Ayurvedic Perspective

Gluten is a hard-to-digest protein that comes from a grain that was traditionally only harvested in the fall for winter eating, when the digestive strength is much stronger and more capable of digesting denser foods. It is believed that the real culprits regarding the epidemic of gluten intolerance are:

  1. Overeating it – every day, 3 times per day.
  2. Eating it out of season.
  3. The global weakening of digestive strength due to stress and a diet of processed and impossible-to-digest foods.
  4. The processed nature of most wheat or gluten products.

*Source John Douillard’s LifeSpa –

Another point to mention is that you may be hearing a lot about your mindset affecting your life and your success, well that goes for meal time too. If your thoughts while eating something are about how poorly that food will affect you, then that is what will become. Eat with gratitude for your Health & Harmony!

So, getting back to the makeover… Since I am fussy about the quality of grains we eat, we splurge on good quality breads such as Ezekial and Dave’s Killer Bread, which can cost anywhere from $3.50 a loaf up to $7 depending on where you find it. With that said, it’s painful for me to throw away the crusts at the demand of a 3 (now 4) year old. To make us both happy, I started putting the crusts (and heels) in a bag in the freezer, once the bag fills up we make a French toast casserole.

Here’s how it goes:

  • Oil a large casserole dish and fill with broken up pieces of crust and loaf heels (enough to fill a gallon bag)
  • In another bowl beat about a dozen eggs, and double the mixture with your milk of choice (ours is almond milk – it turns dairy isn’t a great choice for us – different bodies, different fuels). Then add your favorite spices to dress it up such as:
    • Cinnamon
    • Vanilla or almond extract
    • Nutmeg
    • Cardamom
    • Cloves
    • Ginger
    • Maca
  • Pour the egg mixture over the bread in the casserole dish making sure it gets nearly to the top of the bread and bake it at 375 until it is cooked through
    • It will probably take about a half an hour although I’m not totally sure, as I usually set it all up, throw it in the oven, and am freed up to do something else until it’s ready instead of being stuck there soaking bread and flipping it in the pan – win, win!

Some extra notes – different family members enjoy this in different ways

  • Some like it right out of the oven with butter, honey, or syrup
  • Some like it moister, and warm some milk in a pan which they pour over it
  • Sometimes we warm frozen berries as a delicious topping
  • It’s basically French toast, you know what to do, go enjoy!


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Monday Makeover: Hot Cocoa

I know, I seem to be stuck in a rut with chocolate makeovers, but in my defense, I think there’s pretty good inspiration for this one. You may or may not know, I was originally from New York, but moved to Florida  about 20 years ago, where I stayed until this past summer when my family moved to North Carolina. So this is the first winter in about 20 years for my husband and me, and the first winter ever for the kids. Yesterday brought our first SNOOOOWWW!!!! As soon as they woke up, both kids went straight to the window, and exclaimed “WOW!” Right away, we started piling on layers, and bundling up to run outside and begin some joyful snow play – sledding, snowball fights, snow angels, or just rolling around in the snow. Eventually, it began to occur to us (or at least to me) that we hadn’t even eaten breakfast yet. So we headed in to dry off, warm up, and get some food in our bellies.  After heading in from playing in the snow, it’s a right of passage to have hot cocoa.

When it comes to hot cocoa, I choose to pass on the store bought mixes, and instead make my own. Here’s why I choose to make over hot cocoa rather than indulge in store bought mixes. These are the ingredients of a popular store bought hot cocoa mix:

Sugar (processed white sugar is problematic to health), (100% glucose is problematic to health, and can cause allergy and inflammation), Vegetable Oil (Partially Hydrogenated Coconut or Palm Kernel and Hydrogenated Soybean) (hydrogenated oil is problematic to health), Dairy Product Solids (from Milk) (can cause allergy and inflammation), Cocoa Processed with Alkali (processing reduces the natural flavenols of cocoa), Calcium Carbonate (not suitable for all people), and Less than 2% of Salt (processed salt strips the naturally occurring beneficial elements), Cellulose Gum (not digestible by the body), Sodium Caseinate (casein can cause allergy and inflammation), Dipotassium Phosphate (safety of this is controversial – I’ll err on the side of caution), Sodium Citrate (generally safe in small doses), Guar Gum (generally safe in small doses), Skim Milk (can cause allergy and inflammation), Sodium Aluminosilicate (contains aluminum which has been linked to Alzheimers disease), Mono- and Diglycerides (eek – very problematic to health), Artificial Flavors (really? I have yet to figure out why we process foods and strip out all the natural flavors, to in turn add artificial flavors. We will definitely be laughed at in the future), Sucralose (main ingredient of splenda, an artificial sweetener thats health risks are controversial. Yet another note to ponder is why add artificial sweetener when there’s already sugar and corn syrup solids?)

I have underlined the ingredients that can be problematic for your health. Note that only two ingredients aren’t underlined, and they offer absolutely no nutritional value.

Here are the ingredients for another popular hot cocoa mix:

Sugar (processed white sugar is problematic to health), Corn Syrup (problematic to health, and can cause allergy and inflammation), Modified Whey (can cause allergy and inflammation), Cocoa (Processed with Alkali) (processing reduces the natural flavenols of cocoa), Partially Hydrogenated Coconut Oil (hydrogenated oil is problematic to health), Nonfat Dry Milk (may cause allergy and inflammation), Less than 2% of: Salt (processed salt strips the naturally occurring beneficial elements), Dipotassium Phosphate (safety of this is controversial), Carrageenan (causes inflammation), Artificial Flavor (don’t get me started on this again ;-P), Mono- and Diglycerides (very problematic to health).

While this one looked like it would fare better with less ingredients, it turned out that every single one of them are problematic, and there is once again absolutely no nutritional value.

This inspired me to begin making my own hot cocoa a long time ago, but I have to admit, many attempts did not provide the rich, chocolatey cup of deliciousness I was craving, and I even found myself giving up on it – until now. Like I said, coming in from the snow almost requires a cup of hot cocoa, so I went back to the drawing board. This time I approached the recipe in the same fashion used when making turmeric milk and it was awesome! The entire family gave it an enthusiastic two thumbs up (even the picky ones). Without further ado, here’s my makeover for hot cocoa.


What you’ll need:

Unsweetened cocoa powder

Almond or coconut milk

Coconut oil

Raw Honey


  1. I started out with making a cocoa paste: Take ½ cup cocoa powder and ½ cup water in a small saucepan on medium low heat, and stir until it becomes a thick paste. Once complete, you can store the extra paste in the fridge for later cups of cocoa.
  2. Use 1 Tbsp cocoa paste to 1 cup non-dairy milk (more or less depending on your taste preference), and warm in a saucepan on medium low heat. I don’t let the mix get scalding hot; firstly, to enjoy right away, and secondly, to not cook out the health benefits of the raw honey
  3. Once the cocoa mix is warmed, you can add the honey and be done, but I like to take one extra step to make a frothy cup of cocoa. Instead of adding the honey to the cocoa mix, put 1 Tbsp coconut oil and 1 Tbsp honey in a blender or bullet, add the cocoa mix and blend for 30 seconds

You now have a wonderful cup of rich, frothy chocolate deliciousness. Enjoy!


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Permission to indulge this Thanksgiving with Health & Harmony

Thanksgiving is coming, and so many start to worry about holiday weight gain with very different reactions. Some diet before so they can balance things out when they gain over the holiday season, some get militant with their New Year’s resolutions in January that tend to last until March, and some throw their hands in the air and give up altogether.


For so many years, it has been reported that the average person gains 7-10 lbs over the holiday season. Yikes! That’s a lot. However, what you may not know is this may have been debunked. More recent reports state that people gain about 1 pound over the holiday season.

Hooray! So does this mean to go nuts at Thanksgiving dinner? Not exactly. Everything is a balancing act.

One thing that can make you feel like you’ve had some massive immediate weight gain is bloating. What causes bloating? Dairy, sugar, alcohol, and wheat all cause bloating. Overindulgence of these foods also cause a variety of other uncomfortable side effects, such as brain fog, energy crashes, lack of focus, irritability, cravings, and hyperactivity.

Good information, let’s avoid dairy, sugar, alcohol, and wheat during the holidays. HA! Good luck, right. Not to mention, you should be able to enjoy the holiday season too. That’s where the balancing act comes in.

When you are loading up your plate, fill up with veggies, salads, and turkey, of course. Then treat the other stuff like samplers. Take enough for a couple of bites to enjoy it, but not overdo it. Use the sampler method at dessert time too. Pick a couple of favorites to sample, and take a small amount.

Take care of your mind and body this holiday season with your food (fuel) choices, and you will be clear, focused, and ready to conquer your goals in 2017.

Having Health & Harmony is not about deprivation, but about balance. We’re in Kalusion for your Health & Harmony.

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