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My Revelation of Kindness to Me

Self reflection is a powerful thing, and this time my thoughts about something I already knew shifted a bit, and opened up a whole new belief for me

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Happy Memorial Life!

I hope you enjoyed your Memorial Day!

Memorial Day is a time of remembrance and gratitude. We remember those that have made the ultimate sacrifice while in service. Their sacrifice may have been made for their immediate family, or their larger family – their community or country. We hold gratitude in our hearts for their sacrifice and service. This gratitude transcends political views, and we are able to focus on individuals.

This holiday is a gift to the memory of our past service people, their families, and to us. Practicing gratitude and remembrance expands our mindset and growth. To fully embrace this gift, practice remembrance and gratitude in your own life, and more than one or two days a year.

Memorial Life.png

Dedicate time to remembering with gratitude your past relationships, endeavors, people in your life that have moved on, careers, embarrassing moments, wins…. the good, the bad, the ugly. All of those experiences make up the fabric of you. Let go of shame, and embrace the lesson. Let go of not enough, and love the path. Let go of perfect, and live authentic. Let go, and love.

Remember your life with gratitude, and live imperfectly amazing!

Now, I hope you enjoy your Memorial Life!


Be Amazing,


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How Harmony Happens

Many of you may have shared in the celebration of Easter this past weekend. For us, there was even more to celebrate, and I’m not referring to April Fools ūüôā

This year our celebration for Sizdah Bedar fell on the same day as Easter. Sizdah Bedar is the 13th day after the Persian New Year. This is when families go outdoors and spend their entire day in the park playing, having fun, and soaking in their families and the fresh air.

We started our morning with an Easter egg hunt, followed by some deviled Easter eggs. My husband then got right to work on making a delicious Persian feast (no cooking on Easter was a great gift to me indeed!). We ate outside, then headed to the park to meet up with other families to play frisbee, volleyball, and walk around.

I have to admit, I was pretty tired after being up late doing Easter prep, so we spent the end of the day in relaxation mode, which is also a true gift to me.

The ease of the day really struck me about how how harmonious life can be when we create an intention, and put in the effort to make it happen. My schedule for the entire week reflected my goal of having two great celebrations with my family, and taking small steps toward that goal each day allowed it to come to be.

This is so true for all of the aspects of our life. If you want something and make an intention, but not a plan, it doesn’t usually fall into your lap. You have to create strategy, and put in some effort to manifest your life’s cravings, but it’s absolutely worth it!

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Energy and Your Health – Part 7 – The Series Finale

We have made it to the end! Explore this other piece of holistic health, and how it relates to your everyday life.

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Energy pt 7 snapshot


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Practice Ingratitude or Gratitude for that which Sucks?

A little while ago, I read an article written by someone who was giving up on gratitude, and practicing ingratitude for the sake of their mental health. This was an interesting perspective, and something I could agree with on some levels. I know you’re completely shocked, but let me break it down.

The author wrote that the circumstances of their life were really negative for quite a period of time. Picture everything that could possibly go bad at once – lost a job, pet died, relationship ended, and so on. They were practicing gratitude, but felt like a complete failure when they weren’t feeling any better, and circumstances weren’t improving. This was causing their depression to deepen. They finally went to a professional counselor, who confirmed that their life sucked at that period in time, and that it was ok to feel that.

We are in an inspiring time period, where we are learning that practicing gratitude, and having the right mindset will trigger positive results in your life through the Universal Law of Attraction.

How amazing and how powerful. Did you know that you could do all that? You really can.

However, have you ever felt like you were coming up short in this area? You are doing the work, being positive, smiling through the tears, yet the universe hasn’t delivered.

Being positive is so important, but being authentic is more important. Sometimes, we get so caught up in having positive expectations, we ignore our true feelings and suppress our emotions. We end up walking around with that Stepford wife smile, but it’s not fooling the universe. We are sending out superficial emotions, and repressing the real ones inside of our bodies where they will create physical and emotional problems until they are released.

So while I agree that we must feel our feelings, which may mean acknowledging that at times your circumstances suck, and it’s ok to not love that. I disagree with the idea of keeping an ingratitude list. I actually find that it’s more beneficial to have gratitude for the negativity.

WHAT?? I know, stay with me.

If things were comfortable all of the time, we would never be challenged to change or grow. It’s in our discomfort that we are given the push we need to achieve amazing things.

So, my challenge to you is to authentically feel all of your feelings – the good, the bad, the ugly. Let them unfold, and run their course, then thank them for the challenge they have brought you so that you can upgrade to the next amazing version of you!


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My weight gain thoughts, beliefs, and expectations

I’m coming to you from the pool on this one. What better place to feel the awareness of your weight gain.

Stress + Hormones = Weight Gain, and I’ve been feeling it lately. How your thoughts, beliefs, and expectations can affect you even about some weight gain.

I will say, I’m glad that the video doesn’t show the white sunscreen glaze on my face, lol

My Weight Gain Thoughts Snapshot


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