Gratitude + Time For You = The Imperfectly Amazing Life You CRAVE

The formula for finding the joy in being a woman, a parent, and a spouse 😍🧘‍♀️🤱💃🕺 #gratitude + #timeforyou = #imperfectlyamazing

Sometimes it’s all about the simplicity. Yet simplicity doesn’t mean easy. Nothing worth having is though, right?

I will be going into more detail on the formula in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!


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Stop busy and recharge by scheduling time for you

It’s so easy to let all of the “to do’s” in your life take over until you feel like a zombie, or worse, like you will either cry or shred apart the next person that adds one more thing for you to do.

The world is a busy place, and it doesn’t look like it’s planning to let up at all. This means it’s our job to prioritize time to recharge.

Watch the video about my recent win in scheduling some recharge time after a busy month.

With this in mind, there are a few key things you can do to make sure you are prioritizing your “you” time

  • Determine how often you want to schedule recharge time – weekly, monthly, etc. Ideally it should be before you are completely worn out. Become aware of your rhythm. Perhaps you do something small weekly, and have a long weekend monthly.
  • Put it in your calendar! If it’s not in your calendar, it doesn’t happen. Make a plan around it. If you have a plan, it’s tougher to let it slip.
  • Make it non-negotiable! If something came up causing you to reschedule an important meeting, would you cancel and never get back to it? Most likely not. Use that same work ethic when it comes to your time. Make every effort to make it happen, and if there’s an emergency prioritize rescheduling it immediately.

What will you schedule for “you” time this week?

Message me or post a comment sharing your answer


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Mid-Day Movement Recharge – Ground

Try this out to avoid running out of battery in the afternoon. A mid-day movement break will help you recharge your battery, and allow you to tackle the rest of your day. This video gives you some customizable ideas to use whether you just want a quick pick me up, or are trying to work in some movement in your busy day. You can do this right from a chair, so have a seat, and have fun!

Watch the video

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What do you CRAVE?

Are you satisfying your life’s cravings or numbing them with other cravings?

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what do you crave

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Happy Memorial Life!

I hope you enjoyed your Memorial Day!

Memorial Day is a time of remembrance and gratitude. We remember those that have made the ultimate sacrifice while in service. Their sacrifice may have been made for their immediate family, or their larger family – their community or country. We hold gratitude in our hearts for their sacrifice and service. This gratitude transcends political views, and we are able to focus on individuals.

This holiday is a gift to the memory of our past service people, their families, and to us. Practicing gratitude and remembrance expands our mindset and growth. To fully embrace this gift, practice remembrance and gratitude in your own life, and more than one or two days a year.

Memorial Life.png

Dedicate time to remembering with gratitude your past relationships, endeavors, people in your life that have moved on, careers, embarrassing moments, wins…. the good, the bad, the ugly. All of those experiences make up the fabric of you. Let go of shame, and embrace the lesson. Let go of not enough, and love the path. Let go of perfect, and live authentic. Let go, and love.

Remember your life with gratitude, and live imperfectly amazing!

Now, I hope you enjoy your Memorial Life!


Be Amazing,


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The 6th Key to Unlocking an Amazing Day!

The 6th video in the series giving my favorite practices for having an amazing day, and an amazing life!

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7 Keys to Unlock an Amazing Day! Snapshot


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