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Salvey Saturday

Last Tuesday brought a new moon, which means new salves!

Why make salves during a new moon. Here is a quote from Frugally Sustainable that sums it up perfectly

“They knew the best time for preparing a tincture was on the new moon. Not only because it is a sign of new beginnings, but it is the time when the gravitational pull of the moon helps to draw out the natural healing properties in the plants — making one of the most powerful and predominant medicinal tinctures possible.”

Read the full article here

The Kalusion salves are a staple in our house. Between the Super Salve and the Aches and Pains Salve, there is not too many events that can’t be helped by putting some salve on it!

The Super Salve

The Super Salve contains calendula and lavender infused oil and essential oils focused on healing the skin.

People have successfully used this salve for cuts, scrapes, bug bites, eczema, rashes, poison ivy/ sumac, as a facial moisturizer, chapped lips, dry skin, and more. The uses are endless!

A happy Super Salve user said “My daughter’s face is completely healed. I cannot thank you enough. The scent and the feel of the salve are acceptable to her. The other things I tried she couldn’t tolerate and were not as effective. This salve allowed us to avoid using a steroid cream.” – Amy

Ingredients: beeswax, shea butter, cocoa butter, calendula and lavender infused sweet almond oit, vitamin E & A, and essential oils

The Aches & Pains Salve

The Aches & Pains salve consists of arnica and lavender infused oil and essential oils that target aches and pains.

People have successfully used this salve for bumps & bruises, aching feet, sprains, strains, and pulls, pains from old injuries, arthritis, fibromyalgia, stiff necks and sore shoulders, and weekend warrior soreness 😉

One happy Aches & Pains user said “I love the feeling of it on my skin, and it helps the arthritis in my hands so that I can actually use them to make jewelry.” – William

Ingredients: beeswax, shea butter, cocoa butter, arnica and lavender infused sweet almond oil, vitamin E & A, essential oils

So do you Have Salve??

Reclaim You! (1)

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Monday Makeover – Pit Paste

Adopting a healthy lifestyle does not mean saying good-bye to the things you love forever. It’s a continuous shift; a shift away from the things that are not serving you, and towards that which allows you to shine.

Last week, I shared an article “7 Reasons to Quit Using Store Bought Deodorant”, which got some conversations going, and then a day or two later I noticed another friend looking for advice on natural deodorant. So I figured, it must be time to share my makeover on deodorant.

My motivation came at my annual doctor appointment quite a few years ago when the examining doctor found a lump in my breast, and I found one in my throat. Those are just not the words you ever want to hear. The doctor went on to comment that it was near my armpit, which is where most lumps occur. Really?? It seemed fairly obvious to me that most every adult has a daily ritual that involves their armpits, and perhaps we should be examining this a little further. At this time, the issues of chemicals in deodorant weren’t as publicized as they are now.

Ok, throw away all store bought deodorant. Then real life sets in and you realize you also don’t really want to stink. In my case, a parade of natural deodorants marched into my home just to end up in a drawer. They were followed by crystals, which worked fairly well until pregnancy hormones were introduced to the battle, and those poor crystals didn’t stand a chance. Around the same time, my daughter was coming of age to start wearing a deodorant, and I knew I had to find something that I would be ok with her wearing. Finally, I stumbled on a recipe that was victorious in the battle of stink.

It’s really easy, and really effective. Here you go…

1/3 cup coconut oil

1/4 cup (aluminum free) natural baking soda

1/4 cup arrowroot powder

20 drops essential oils – I find lavender is essential, some other good choices to blend are geranium, cypress, clary sage, basil, or kunzea

So there you have it. Adopting a more natural approach to your self-care routine is not just a great way to honor you, but helps improve hormone issues, autoimmune issues, and reduce the risk of cancer. Not to mention, when your body is working better and feeling better, so are you!


Learn how to improve your results holistically –

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Kalusion Joyful Holiday

The holidays are a time of Joy, but let’s face it they can also be a time of stress.  We often have more rushing around to do, we may get less sleep, and sometimes we find ourselves in company that let’s just say maybe we don’t want to be with.

Joyful Holiday is an aromatic blend to keep you peaceful and calm, yet uplifted and joyful, so you can truly enjoy your holiday, and the days surrounding it.  It’s also a great gift, as it comes in it’s own little gift bag.

This gift set includes 2 oz. of each Joyful Holiday Bath Gel, Bath Oil, and Dead Sea Bath Salt.

Enjoy this special set for a limited time. Just like Santa, shortly after the holidays it will be gone. Find it on Etsy!


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Your Skin Eats Too

Your skin is your largest organ.  That means even if you’re eating real foods and a pure diet, if you’re applying chemically laden creams and cosmetics you are still introducing toxins into your system.  Everything you apply on your body is absorbed inside your body.  An experiment I have been told about is to rub garlic on the bottom of your feet, and see how long it takes to taste the garlic.  This is how long it takes to absorb into your body, which is usually somewhere between 20-40 minutes.  Isn’t that fascinating!

Daily exposure to toxins has been linked to many health issues including weight gain, cancers, thyroid disorders, learning and behavior problems, and mental health problems.  We know that beauty comes with a price, but these are too costly for me.

Shopping for products that work, and don’t contain chemicals is no easy task.  Even many of the products that claim to be all natural have undesirable ingredients hidden in their list.  For this reason, I have started making my own products.  Now I not only know what’s going into my products, I’m also saving some money. I can’t recommend this enough, but realize that many people don’t have the time or interest for this.  So what can you do?  Try shopping small, local businesses, farmer’s markets, or even Etsy for homemade products.  Also, health food stores and vitamin shops tend to have products without the harsh chemicals.

My biggest advice is just start becoming as aware of the things you apply to your body as the things you put into your body.