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Your Mood Triggers Your Brood

Without you, nothing would ever be found in the refrigerator. EVER!

You are the axis of your family, and have great influence over them. So when things are spiraling, take a step back to reflect on you and set the tone for your family.

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Things to remember
Having a regular practice that honors you will keep you calm, and will help keep your family at ease.
I will post my practice 7 Keys to Unlocking an Amazing Day and Life, but you can also access the link to the playlist here

When things are revving up, take a moment to check in with you, and do what it takes to calm yourself – deep breaths, meditation

Talk about how you’re feeling with your kids. This will let them know why you may be on edge for something situational, and it’s a great example of how to communicate your feelings.

This will take great practice since your natural instinct is to address the behavior at hand, so create a cue for yourself to remind you to self-reflect.

What will your cue be?



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