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Hump Day Harmony: Shifting to Joy!

If you’ve been paying any attention to what I’m up to online lately, you may be a little sick of #mygift. Haha, that’s ok. If you haven’t been paying attention, let me give you a quick recap of the #mygift challenge.

#MyGift is the gift that you give to yourself. December can be hectic, and when things get busy we tend to put our own needs on the back burner. For the month of December I am challenging myself to post one gift I give myself each day. The gift can be as simple as accepting a compliment or an offer of help.

The holidays tend to be a mixed bag of emotions; joy, grief, loneliness, depression, excitement, disappointment, overwhelm, bliss, and the list goes on. Taking some time every single day to focus on only you is a great way to reset and rejuvenate yourself so you can be stronger for you or others who may need your support now. Remember, others are probably experiencing a roller coaster of emotions too.

It’s also another way to not just savor your holiday, but also your life! I see so many women who grumble “I have to ….” over every task on their holiday list. I don’t know about you, but I really want to have as much fun during the holidays as the people I am providing the fun for. Taking some time to put your focus on you will allow you to feel less like you’re doing everything for everyone else, and that you have this mountainous “To Do List” to chip away at until the holidays are over. It lets you shift from saying “I have to do something” to “I choose to do something”. This shift will come to play in all areas of your life, for example, instead of “I have to work a full time job” shift to “I choose to earn a regular pay check”. Embracing free will in your life will change your perception in almost everything you do, improve your outlook, and bring you joy!

Now, what are you giving yourself today?


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