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The Results of the Formula – Gratitude + Time for You = Imperfectly Amazing

It’s just poo!


We’ve broken down gratitude and time for you. What does it mean when you put it all together? What is imperfectly amazing? It’s letting go of the things that burden you and hold you down, and allow yourself to soar into the life you design – even when the real world gets in the way!


Watch the video to learn more


Use gratitude and time for you like rose colored glasses to appreciate the good in your life and have the fulfillment of living your desired life, because life is how you perceive it.


Imperfectly Amazing is a choice, and it’s there for you to accept, if you’re willing


Are you ready to do what it takes to love your life?



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The 2nd Part of the Equation to Have the Imperfectly Amazing Life You Crave

There’s more to taking time for you than letting Calgon take you away. This is a threefold process for connecting with yourself to complete the equation to an imperfectly amazing life!

Learn about it here

The Time for You Process

  • Schedule breaks/ time for yourself – I set up time every morning to meditate, move, review my goals, and get grounded before my little maniac wakes up. When I have that time, I can feel it all day. Likewise, when I miss it, I can really feel it. Find time that makes sense for you and your schedule – don’t force it. If you need help setting up your ideal schedule reach out to me.
  • Go on a date with yourself – It’s great to review your goals and mantras, but after awhile they may become stale or out of date. Taking time to check in with yourself to reflect on how far you’ve come, and where you’d like to go is essential to feeling like you’re accomplishing something, and not just operating on auto-pilot managing the busy all of the time. This is how you continue to feel inspired and motivated, and enjoying your journey because you know you’re in the driver’s seat
  • Connect with your subconscious beliefs – if you find there are obstacles all around you, there’s a very good chance that your inner beliefs are getting in the way. My method for tapping in to my subconscious is movement followed by meditation followed by journaling. Doing this in a strategic way has been so mind blowing effective to reveal my sabotaging beliefs, and use them to fuel my goals rather than stump them.

So there it is.

What is one thing you will do to make time for you this week?

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The First Piece Of The Equation To Have The Imperfectly Amazing Life You Crave

Sometimes life takes over, and you find yourself on auto-pilot. You’re not really enjoying anything, you’re just trying to manage the busy. When you find yourself in that situation, take a step back and remember the formula: gratitude + time for you = imperfectly amazing

In this video, I discuss my recent example of using gratitude to save the day, and why it’s such an important practice that can powerfully change your mindset, and bring joy to your life.


Watch the video

Points to remember for your practice

  • Like draws like – When you focus your attention on the things you don’t like, you draw more of it. When you shift your energy to what is good, even when the sky is falling all around you, you will bring more of the good.
  • Practice makes perfect – The more you do this, the more instinctual it becomes, which means you draw more and more of the good stuff.
  • Don’t beat yourself up – When you catch yourself having a Debbie Downer moment. Don’t berate yourself, just change the thoughts. Tell yourself, that’s how the old me would think about this situation, but the new me is grateful for …
  • Grow huge gratitude muscles – At the beginning of your day, or at the end, or both, take a few minutes to find 1 – 3 things to be grateful for. Find things that apply to your recent day, so that you are constantly practicing how to find the diamond in the rough rather than choosing the same things repeatedly (like your kids or wine), because energy won’t fall for that.

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Gratitude + Time For You = The Imperfectly Amazing Life You CRAVE

The formula for finding the joy in being a woman, a parent, and a spouse 😍🧘‍♀️🤱💃🕺 #gratitude + #timeforyou = #imperfectlyamazing

Sometimes it’s all about the simplicity. Yet simplicity doesn’t mean easy. Nothing worth having is though, right?

I will be going into more detail on the formula in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!


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What To Do After Rearranging the Universe

You were positively expecting great results, and it worked! Now what? Don’t forget the power of gratitude to complete the mindset shift.


Watch the video for more details, and to find out what I am grateful for after being passed by Hurricane Florence.



P.S. For perspective Hurricane Charley was a Category 4 (Punta Gorda, FL), and Hurricane Katrina was a Category 5.


What to remember when practicing gratitude

  • The point is to focus your energy on more of the things that you want to happen in your life, so you will draw more of the same
  • Even though tough times can make it difficult to be grateful, remember “it could be worse”
  • Taking time to reflect on your day with gratitude keeps you present, which lowers stress, and just makes you a happier person


So there’s only one question, what are you grateful for today?


Please take a moment to share it – to inspire others, and to inspire yourself 🙂


If you’re ready to start living the imperfectly amazing life you CRAVE, a new session begins in September 2018. Reach out to learn more –


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Happy Memorial Life!

I hope you enjoyed your Memorial Day!

Memorial Day is a time of remembrance and gratitude. We remember those that have made the ultimate sacrifice while in service. Their sacrifice may have been made for their immediate family, or their larger family – their community or country. We hold gratitude in our hearts for their sacrifice and service. This gratitude transcends political views, and we are able to focus on individuals.

This holiday is a gift to the memory of our past service people, their families, and to us. Practicing gratitude and remembrance expands our mindset and growth. To fully embrace this gift, practice remembrance and gratitude in your own life, and more than one or two days a year.

Memorial Life.png

Dedicate time to remembering with gratitude your past relationships, endeavors, people in your life that have moved on, careers, embarrassing moments, wins…. the good, the bad, the ugly. All of those experiences make up the fabric of you. Let go of shame, and embrace the lesson. Let go of not enough, and love the path. Let go of perfect, and live authentic. Let go, and love.

Remember your life with gratitude, and live imperfectly amazing!

Now, I hope you enjoy your Memorial Life!


Be Amazing,


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Practice Ingratitude or Gratitude for that which Sucks?

A little while ago, I read an article written by someone who was giving up on gratitude, and practicing ingratitude for the sake of their mental health. This was an interesting perspective, and something I could agree with on some levels. I know you’re completely shocked, but let me break it down.

The author wrote that the circumstances of their life were really negative for quite a period of time. Picture everything that could possibly go bad at once – lost a job, pet died, relationship ended, and so on. They were practicing gratitude, but felt like a complete failure when they weren’t feeling any better, and circumstances weren’t improving. This was causing their depression to deepen. They finally went to a professional counselor, who confirmed that their life sucked at that period in time, and that it was ok to feel that.

We are in an inspiring time period, where we are learning that practicing gratitude, and having the right mindset will trigger positive results in your life through the Universal Law of Attraction.

How amazing and how powerful. Did you know that you could do all that? You really can.

However, have you ever felt like you were coming up short in this area? You are doing the work, being positive, smiling through the tears, yet the universe hasn’t delivered.

Being positive is so important, but being authentic is more important. Sometimes, we get so caught up in having positive expectations, we ignore our true feelings and suppress our emotions. We end up walking around with that Stepford wife smile, but it’s not fooling the universe. We are sending out superficial emotions, and repressing the real ones inside of our bodies where they will create physical and emotional problems until they are released.

So while I agree that we must feel our feelings, which may mean acknowledging that at times your circumstances suck, and it’s ok to not love that. I disagree with the idea of keeping an ingratitude list. I actually find that it’s more beneficial to have gratitude for the negativity.

WHAT?? I know, stay with me.

If things were comfortable all of the time, we would never be challenged to change or grow. It’s in our discomfort that we are given the push we need to achieve amazing things.

So, my challenge to you is to authentically feel all of your feelings – the good, the bad, the ugly. Let them unfold, and run their course, then thank them for the challenge they have brought you so that you can upgrade to the next amazing version of you!


Kalusion Health & Harmony offers a unique style of coaching to allow you to become the best version of you so you can love your life. Learn more at

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The 20 Minute Morning Movement Miracle

The 20 Minute Morning Movement Miracle is a movement video to get your day started by awakening and releasing your body, energy, and emotions for daily Health & Harmony.

Stress and emotions have a tendency to hold themselves in your body. When they remain without release, they can spur physical and emotional health problems. Using this gentle,but effective movement miracle can help keep your body and mind clear.

Watch my video here discussing Feeling All of Your Feelings, and how emotions can become blocked in your body, and block areas of your life in case you missed it last week.

Are You Feeling ALL of Your Emotions snapshot


Ready to let go of what you’re holding on to?

​Try out the 20 Minute Movement Miracle – a $15 investment in you.

For about 75 cents per minute you can start transforming your life one morning at a time!

Get your video here

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Reclaim You!

Under that pile of “to do’s” and running around is an amazing woman waiting to be discovered. She’s YOU! She’s buried and screaming to be heard, to be recognized, to be appreciated, but somehow her needs keep getting pushed to the bottom of the pile. Let’s face it, that mountain of chores goes on endlessly, and she will never be freed unless some strategic effort is amassed.

Enter The Have It All method.  This 9 week virtual class and coaching method will lead you to your life’s cravings so you know where to focus your energy. That way you can stop trying to do it all, because you’re not supposed to. Instead use clarity and strategy to direct your energy at what matters most to you (ahem, Have It All).

I’m so grateful to be a witness to what woman have experienced from this program. It is truly transformational. Since I have seen what this method has done for others, I am so inspired to offer it to you. A new session begins for the birth of spring on March 21, and here are some of the goodies included:

9 weeks of virtual small group coaching guided by your energy centers to dig deeper and reveal your life’s cravings and reverse the blocks that are getting in the way of achieving them
Kalusion’s Chakra Flow movement video series to reveal and heal all the areas of your life while dancing and having fun. This is only available to participants of The Have It All Method
The Kalusion Cleanse to create a blank canvas to begin your work of art
Kalusion’s Tea Sampler Gift Set to indulge while you restore Health & Harmony


The cost of the entire 9 week program is $299.

I also, offer incentives in the form of value since I know that’s really important to me. So, if a friend or loved one registers with you, you will receive a $99 discount. If you refer someone to the program that registers, but you are not part of this session, I’d like to offer you a $50 referral thank you. Please be sure that the person you referred lets me know your name and email.

If any of this sounds good to you, find out more about The Have It All Method at

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Monday Makeover: French Toast Casserole

Adopting a healthy lifestyle does not mean saying good-bye to the things you love forever. It’s a continuous shift; a shift away from the things that are not serving you, and towards that which allows you to shine.


Today’s Monday Makeover is actually a health, time and wallet makeover.  My family is one that still eats grains, albeit healthy grains, and in moderation at that. I realize that many people are completely off grains now, but in the great wisdom of different bodies require different fuels, we have realized that we thrive with some good quality grains in our diet.

Going off grains/ gluten or dairy completely is considered an elimination diet, which is a technique that you use to isolate the source of an allergy or food intolerance. Generally once you have identified the problem, you can avoid it while healing your health issue. Once you have improved your health issue and strengthened your immunity again, many times you can begin reintroducing that food in a carefully, regulated plan.

The Ayurvedic Perspective

Gluten is a hard-to-digest protein that comes from a grain that was traditionally only harvested in the fall for winter eating, when the digestive strength is much stronger and more capable of digesting denser foods. It is believed that the real culprits regarding the epidemic of gluten intolerance are:

  1. Overeating it – every day, 3 times per day.
  2. Eating it out of season.
  3. The global weakening of digestive strength due to stress and a diet of processed and impossible-to-digest foods.
  4. The processed nature of most wheat or gluten products.

*Source John Douillard’s LifeSpa –

Another point to mention is that you may be hearing a lot about your mindset affecting your life and your success, well that goes for meal time too. If your thoughts while eating something are about how poorly that food will affect you, then that is what will become. Eat with gratitude for your Health & Harmony!

So, getting back to the makeover… Since I am fussy about the quality of grains we eat, we splurge on good quality breads such as Ezekial and Dave’s Killer Bread, which can cost anywhere from $3.50 a loaf up to $7 depending on where you find it. With that said, it’s painful for me to throw away the crusts at the demand of a 3 (now 4) year old. To make us both happy, I started putting the crusts (and heels) in a bag in the freezer, once the bag fills up we make a French toast casserole.

Here’s how it goes:

  • Oil a large casserole dish and fill with broken up pieces of crust and loaf heels (enough to fill a gallon bag)
  • In another bowl beat about a dozen eggs, and double the mixture with your milk of choice (ours is almond milk – it turns dairy isn’t a great choice for us – different bodies, different fuels). Then add your favorite spices to dress it up such as:
    • Cinnamon
    • Vanilla or almond extract
    • Nutmeg
    • Cardamom
    • Cloves
    • Ginger
    • Maca
  • Pour the egg mixture over the bread in the casserole dish making sure it gets nearly to the top of the bread and bake it at 375 until it is cooked through
    • It will probably take about a half an hour although I’m not totally sure, as I usually set it all up, throw it in the oven, and am freed up to do something else until it’s ready instead of being stuck there soaking bread and flipping it in the pan – win, win!

Some extra notes – different family members enjoy this in different ways

  • Some like it right out of the oven with butter, honey, or syrup
  • Some like it moister, and warm some milk in a pan which they pour over it
  • Sometimes we warm frozen berries as a delicious topping
  • It’s basically French toast, you know what to do, go enjoy!


If you are searching for a way to makeover your Health & Harmony find out more  at or get your copy of The Kalusion Cleanse