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Are you up for a challenge?

The blank canvas ready for magic 💃

Yesterday one of the students I’ve worked with for a few years told me “you’re the best choreographer I’ve ever worked with because you always challenge me”.

First of all, aaaaahhhhh thanks. Secondly, it got me thinking, I do love to challenge people. Whether it be kids learning a dance, adults learning to move to improve their physical and emotional health, or in my coaching sessions. If you’re challenged you’re growing.

I know being challenged can sound scary, but the reward is always greater. You get to reveal to yourself the extraordinary and amazing things that you are capable of.

Are you ready to be challenged?

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Happy Memorial Life!

I hope you enjoyed your Memorial Day!

Memorial Day is a time of remembrance and gratitude. We remember those that have made the ultimate sacrifice while in service. Their sacrifice may have been made for their immediate family, or their larger family – their community or country. We hold gratitude in our hearts for their sacrifice and service. This gratitude transcends political views, and we are able to focus on individuals.

This holiday is a gift to the memory of our past service people, their families, and to us. Practicing gratitude and remembrance expands our mindset and growth. To fully embrace this gift, practice remembrance and gratitude in your own life, and more than one or two days a year.

Memorial Life.png

Dedicate time to remembering with gratitude your past relationships, endeavors, people in your life that have moved on, careers, embarrassing moments, wins…. the good, the bad, the ugly. All of those experiences make up the fabric of you. Let go of shame, and embrace the lesson. Let go of not enough, and love the path. Let go of perfect, and live authentic. Let go, and love.

Remember your life with gratitude, and live imperfectly amazing!

Now, I hope you enjoy your Memorial Life!


Be Amazing,


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