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Road Trip Real Foods

Hooray for summer! It’s the perfect time to get out of the Florida heat (oy), and to take a long overdue road trip. We are heading up the east coast to see our family, friends, and the sights, of course. The whole family is so excited, and we are steadfastly making our lists and piles of things to go on our trip.
The one thing we generally don’t look forward to on a road trip is the roadside food options. As real foods eaters, we even struggle at home if we want to take a night off and go out to eat. Our dining options are pretty limited, and usually after the meal we feel pretty weighed down, and just ugh.
So, what’s a family to do on the road?
I’m still working at this myself, but here are some of the things I put together for this recent road trip to keep us going without convenient store foods. These helped sustain us until we found a place to get a (hopefully) decent meal.
1. Fruits – this is a pretty easy one. We stocked up on lots of fresh apples, bananas, peaches, grapes anything we can get our hands on that won’t make those hands too sticky. This is also usual pretty easy to replenish at nearby exit grocery stores. We brought a fruit and vegetable cleaner, and were impressed at how willing baristas were to rinse off our items.
2. Fresh vegetables – another one you can grab at a grocery store. Sometimes a bag of carrots or pre-made salad can hit the spot. I tend to stay away from store bought salad dressings, as they can have a lot of undesirable additives. Just some oil and vinegar are better.
3. Homemade granola bars – this is something I made in advance, and can even be frozen for a trip. This item was priceless. It was so satisfying, and filled us up like a meal, so we didn’t need to do a lot of snacking. Also, we found a Whole Foods store along the road where we got some sheep milk yogurt and blueberries to make a little parfait out of the granola for a new option. Here is the recipe.
4. Mini meatloaves – another to make in advance and freeze. This is a great source of protein, and you can sneak in some veggies. We even cut these up to make into sandwiches on some Ezekial bread. Here is the recipe.
5. Sandwiches – we were able to find good quality, humanely raised lunch meat, tomatoes to slice, and organic mayo for a satisfying meal. This was also easily replenished at grocery stores.
6. Nuts, seeds, and raisins/ craisins – either mixed or separate these give a good energy boost, but watch out with seeds – they can make a mess in the car.
7. Seaweed snacks – this one is for my daughter. She is a great lover of seaweed snacks, and loves to munch on them. My son seems to be following in her footsteps. I don’t mind, and much prefer this over other types of chips.
8. Camp stove – bring a camp stove for cooking at rest areas, and have a picnic. I stumbled upon this suggestion and thought it seemed to be a great idea. The reality for our trip was that we only used it once, and dish clean up can be tough at a rest stop. For us this took up some valuable car space without a lot of benefit.
9. Sugar Buster and 101 Sheep Tea – The reality is that when on the road you can’t always eat like you do at home, so I took my teas with me. I mixed the Sugar Buster and 101 Sheep for a relaxing and detoxing cup of tea at night. Find the tea here

So that’s how we did. I’d love to hear what you bring along to eat on your road trips. Happy and safe travels!

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