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Approaching Hurricane Reminders on How to Handle Stress

Watching the weather right about now can really stress you out, yet there’s always something in life that can bring stress. How you work with it sets the tone for your harmony.



When the stress of life sets in:

  1. Breathe
  2. Positively expect great results no matter what you see in front of you. The universe is rearranging itself for your best interest right now!
  3. Have faith


Other than a hurricane, how can you apply this in your life right now?

Share your answer in the comments.


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My weight gain thoughts, beliefs, and expectations

I’m coming to you from the pool on this one. What better place to feel the awareness of your weight gain.

Stress + Hormones = Weight Gain, and I’ve been feeling it lately. How your thoughts, beliefs, and expectations can affect you even about some weight gain.

I will say, I’m glad that the video doesn’t show the white sunscreen glaze on my face, lol

My Weight Gain Thoughts Snapshot


I would love to hear your thoughts. What areas of your life are you struggling with blocking thoughts, beliefs, or expectations? Leave a comment.

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