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Surviving to Thriving with Your Powerful Community

We are wired for it, but somehow aren’t always part of connections that allow us to thrive. At one time, we were dependent on our community for survival. Even though that’s not the case anymore, having community still supports and propels us to the most amazing versions of ourselves.

I was recently craving a community to help me stretch my comfort zone. Watch the video for my story, and how community can support you.



Some ways to harness the power of community

  • Be open to collaborating with new people.
    • People that understand your circumstances, but aren’t personally tied to your outcomes can be your best supporters.
  • Be willing to invest in yourself.
    • Committing to a mastermind or coaching group not only allows you to invest in yourself (your biggest asset), but connects you with a group of people that are as committed to growth as you are.
  • Have trust in your community and yourself
    • Stretching your comfort zone for self-growth can be uncomfortable, and trusting the people in your community to comfort and guide you can make the life changing difference of pushing through your fears instead of bowing down into old habits


Who makes up your community?


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