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Energy and your health – Part 1

Let’s start at the beginning, and explore this other piece of holistic health, and how it relates to you.

Watch the video

Energy pt 1 snapshot


If you missed the intro, watch it here to learn more about the overall energy system

Find out how Kalusion Health & Harmony incorporates energy as part of a holistic health system to help you satisfy your life’s cravings!

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Using your calendar to balance your priorities

How can you use your calendar to not miss out on the favorite parts of your life? Find the balance between your “to do’s” and the things that allow you to enjoy your life.

Using your calendar snapshot

I welcome your feedback. Let me know your tricks to find time for the things that matter to you most.

Visit to learn how to strengthen balance and happiness in your life the holistic way


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An Apple A Day… Keeps the Blues Away

Asha and Kaluwa are offering an east meets west perspective to your health questions in Facebook live stream sessions. Join the Facebook group to ask your well-being questions and get them answered.

We’re talking¬†about mental wellness.

An Apple A Day... Keeps the Blues Away capture


Meet Kaluwa at and Asha at